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by admin on December 28, 2007

free legal mp3 music downloadFor any music lover, Free MP3 Music Downloads is the most passionate thing. But the legal music download sites like iTunes, Wal-Mart Music, Rhapsody, Napster, Yahoo Music and others has sent shocking credit card statements. Downloading music through these sources led to heavy bills of about $0.99 per download.

For about 6 months, I’ve availed the services of Yahoo Music Unlimited paying $71.88 as an annual subscription charges. But when I wanted to burn my favorite music into a CD, then I was asked again pay $0.79 per download. Realizing that it is becoming too much expensive, I’ve cancelled the subscription, and shocked to observe that the music downloads saved on my PC are no more playable. What a waste of money and precious time!

Got the idea and started searching for the free music download torrent sites even though it was illegal. But later realized that it is also a complete waste of time as for a 3 minute mp3 song, it took 1 hour to download from their poorly maintained network. One whole night I kept my PC on for downloading music charts of Beyonce’s Crazy In Love, Britney Spears Blackout & Gimme More, Alicia Keys No One and other latest songs, but shocked to see 30 second samples instead of full songs.

That was the time, I got frustrated with the music downloads and stopped everything. During a chat with my old friend, I came to know about Free Legal MP3 Music Downloads membership sites that charge a one time fee less than $40 and provide access to unlimited mp3 music in a legal way. There are no per download fees and the most important thing is they are legal supported with ultra fast downloads. Adherence to the copy rights is the thing which I looked at.

What is more interesting is that I could now download all my favorite mp3 music tracks at a one time cost of just 40 bucks. No more shocking credit card bills and no more 30 seconds samples. I’m free to download and burn all the music provided I do have sufficient hard disk space available. Now I could download all the top music albums of Alicia Keys, Britney Spears, Beyonce Knowles, Backstreet Boys, Eagles, Fergie, Spice Girls and many more with the Free MP3 Music Downloads Legal membership site.

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