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by Priestly Elliott on December 9, 2009

Watch Movies Online The relationship between movies and advertising is really a complex one. But, it’s still important so as to sale movies. In order to make films profitable, one should concentrate on movies and advertising.

In the ancient days, wall posters and sales messages were used aggressively to promote movies. It may be termed as the old form of movies and advertising and sales. In some parts of ancient world, rock art and wall paintings were carried out successfully.

After the globalization of movies, advertising and sales took a new direction. You can observe that top brands such as VAIO, Omega, Ford, BMW etc featured themselves in Bond films. Thus, movies became part and parcel of advertising and sales.

The same trend can be observed in the mindset of internet marketers. These days, they have found a great landmine in the form of cell phones and media. As the cell phones are the new mass media, it has got a great flexibility to mange the advertising and sales. You can term it as mobile Ads or cell phone Ads or simply Cell Phone Cash.

Movies for Advertising Purpose:

More recently, the internet world has started using movies for advertising purpose. You may ask me how it is possible to integrate movies and advertising and sales. Hope the following points answer your queries.

1. Advertising shown before movies in theaters
2. Advertising in DVDs.
3. Sponsorship advertising
4. Promotional tours
5. Interviews by the start cast of the movie.

Whatever may be the form of movies and advertising and sales, cinemagoers will always respect new trends if they feel it’s OK with them. They should not interrupt the flow of the movie.

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