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by admin on February 13, 2008

free pc satellite tvEven though one calls it as an idiot box, every one of us does watch TV in our free time. But we get angry when the cable gets off and unable to watch the latest news. Thanks for the new technology, now you can watch satellite TV on your PC or laptop without any tension.

Have you ever heard of Satellite TV for PC 2010 Elite Edition? It is the research work of hundreds of meticulous brains from the renowned companies like IBM. This PC TV software has made it possible to watch more than 3000 channels on your PC. Along with 3000 TV channels, you will also get 1000 radio channels for free.

All the channels offered through Satellite TV for PC 2010 Elite Edition are categorized into sections like Drama, Comedy, Movies, News, Sports Channels and others. This makes your search fast and you can watch your favourite channels with ease.

The audio and video quality of the all the channels offered through Satellite TV for PC is excellent. Moreover the software is updated on regular basis for free. So you don’t have to pay for the updates, just a one time fee of $49.95 is charged for downloading this PC Satellite TV.

Due to the overwhelming success of the Satellite TV For PC software, many companies started duplicating the process. They even started to claim providing 10,000 channels. Just do analyze about them for a minute or two.

What would you do with 10,000 channels in your remote? Could you watch all of them at once? Definitely, not. Moreover by providing too many channels, their audio and video quality would be hampered. So I prefer to stay away from such fake pc satellite tv softwares.

By all means, Satellite TV for PC 2010 Elite Edition is the mother of PC TV softwares. With an internet connected PC, now you could directly watch Satellite TV on your PC. It is easy to install, just signup and you will be provided with a download link. That’s it.

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