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by admin on August 11, 2008

affiliate programs make money onlineDo you know that Affiliate Marketing is one of the best ways to Make Money Online? If you analyze the top income earners, then you would surely appreciate the greatness of affiliate marketing. Clearly, it is the easiest way to earn cash online.

There may be thousand and one approaches to affiliate marketing. If you browse the internet, then you will come across different guides and ebooks written exclusively for affiliate marketing. The so called Internet Marketing Gurus propose their own theory and excel in affiliate marketing. You may be surprised that there are some top class super affiliates that earn millions of dollars by affiliate marketing.

Of all the top affiliate marketing gurus, I really love to implement the ideas and strategies of Chris McNeeney. Though he is famous for Day Job Killer, Chris has about 5 affiliate marketing ebooks under his authorship. Each guide is unique and is loaded with tons of tips and techniques that are meant to master affiliate marketing. He still rocks the clickbank marketplace with highest gravity. Here are the evergreen affiliate marketing guides written by Chris:

Affiliate Project X: It is probably the first book by Chris to master affiliate marketing. Some term it as the beginners guide.

AdWords Miracle: If you are looking to master PPC techniques, then Adwords Miracle is the best affiliate marketing ebook.

Day Job Killer: This is nothing but a sequel to APX. Day Job Killer otherwise known as DJK has shacked the internet marketing world with its robust techniques. From that day onwards, everybody call Chris as DJK.

Google Assassin: A great collection of affiliate marketing tools that help you to make maximum wealth from minimum investment. Recommended for both newbie and advanced affiliate marketers alike.

Google Nemesis: It’s again a sequel to Day Job Killer.

Each one of the above books written by Chris McNeeney is a blueprint in its own style. The speciality of Chris is that he comes with novel ideas every six months. All his affiliate marketing ebooks stand ahead of their counterparts.

Each time Chris develops a new approach to master the affiliate marketing. I don’t say that you should get all the books written by Chris, but it is always best to have the great collection of Affiliate Marketing eBooks. Keeping a library is not just enough, read and implement it. Then only you can make money online easily or else you will just end up maintaining the library. Out of all these Chris ebooks, I Highly RecommendGoogle Assassin as it is contain all that required for affiliate marketing.

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