First Time Love Making – 500 Love Making Tips & Secrets Revealed

by Natasha McKay on June 5, 2009

Free Love Making Tips techniques First time love making is always special and is considered to be risky. This article highlights some of the important love making tips that keep your time precious and ever cherished.

Whether it is man or woman, both the partners should feel more comfortable with other. You must acknowledge that first time love making is definitely what you make. Here are some simple tips that are worth implementing:

1. Tell your partner (mainly wife) how beautiful she is. This creates a good impression on your love and love making.

2. Make foreplay. Don’t make love in the car (as most of the Americans do). Here you will not have ample scope to do love making. Bedroom is always a preferred place as it gives plenty of time and things to go better.

3. For a very romantic first time love making session, sprinkle rose petals on your sheets. If you leave them on, they will stain the sheets when crushed.

4. An ear massage can be quite enjoyable. Use a light amount of warm massage oil and rub the ear between your thumb and forefinger. This will act like a catalyst while making love for the first time.

5. Erotic massage is always special during love making. As many women have a sensitive skin, so it is recommended to use a good quality massage solution (of course, non-allergic one).

6. While massaging, most of the men just rush to get her inner thighs. This is a wrong approach. Instead start by fondling her feet.

7. The vast majority of women do not want to go to bed with a guy who is sweaty or smells. So refresh yourself with bath and use deodorant and perfume fragrance that suits the taste of your partner.

8. Most people really don’t enjoy watching themselves on video. The camera makes you look heavier and the shadows are usually very unflattering. It might actually ruin your first time love making experience.

9. Instead prefer love making in between mirrors. This really ignites the passion of love making.

10. Love making is not a physical thing. It requires participation of soulful bodies. Always look into each others eyes while love making. Through this eye contact, you will enjoy your first time love making overwhelmingly.

First time love making is always the moment of life. Cherish and preserve it in your hearts. Pay attention to your lover and listen to her body with your hands. Read on Michael Webb’s 500 Love Making Tips & Secrets that includes many wild, exciting and juicy ideas to make your creative date a super success.

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