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Top SEO Secret Revealed – Best Way To Rank Higher In Google

by Laura Martin on June 24, 2009

search engine optimization seo tips Every webmaster dream is to rank higher in Google. It’s estimated that 70 to 80% of search engine traffic comes from Google alone. That means, if we are referring to Google then it is considered that we are discussing about search engines in broad range.

Through effective SEO, one can improve their SERPs in Google. But what actually is the secret of higher rankings? Is it really due to SEO professional services of a top company? Then how about the top rankings secured even by the newbies. Do they know the top SEO secret?

Top Internet Marketers Approach:

This article throws a brief synopsis on the SEO secrets of the top internet marketers. They don’t involve in any black stuff, no hat, and grey zone stuff. This is due to the danger of getting black listed, or kicked out of the search engines. When I came through an interview with one of the best SEO professionals of the industry, I was shocked to know their search engine strategies.

I don’t say they are very clever but these SEO consultants do stick to a normal procedure which we never imagine. Of course, they are very similar to our regular SEO techniques but the way they do respond is quiet different.

Actually there are two categories in search engine optimization. One is ON PAGE SEO and the other OFF PAGE SEO. On page SEO is related to the stuff on web page and whereas the off page optimization is concerned about the links coming into your website.

Of all the on-page SEO techniques, including keyword in title is the best one. Coming to off page optimization, concentrating on one way back links is the best way. Just write a 300-400 words article on your niche and submit it to the article directories.

One Way Backlinks:

By writing article, you will have the advantage of including author bio where you can have a resource link pointing your website. This will make visitors to click the link and visit your website. At the same time, you will have search engine benefit.

Here comes the real difference. We usually submit our article to 3 to 5 article directories or 10 to a maximum extent. But do remember that each submitted article will give you a one way backlink. If you can submit your article to hundred article directories, then you would get 100 backlinks.

But is it really possible to submit each article to 100 plus article directories. Here comes the difference. We leave with one to two submissions, whereas the SEO professionals use the services of Article Submitter that allows them to submit article to about 210 article directories that too with a single mouse click. Truly, a must have SEO Software to rank higher in Google.

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