Cheating Wives – Top 10 Unfaithful Cheating Wife Signs

by Sandy Jones on August 1, 2008

Are you aware of Unfaithful Cheating Wife Signs? This is an exclusive article devoted to husbands searching for signs of a cheating wife. Never ask your wife whether she is cheating but instead observe her behavior and catch her red handed only after observing one or more of the unfaithful cheating wife signs.

A single sign may not prove that that she is cheating you but look for multiple signs. Pay attention to her normal activities and compare to her past behavior. Be patient and collect the top 10 unfaithful cheating wife signs.

1. Emotional Cheating:

Find out whether your spouse is indulging in emotional cheating or not. In certain instances, your spouse gives vague answers. Observe that.

2. Sex Life:

This is not an easy sign to watch out because some wives do not agree to sex at all if they are unhappy with the relation. Others simply bring the new sexual moves and actions into the bed with you.

3. Expensive Gifts:

Most of the women like shopping activities but they never purchase expensive items for themselves that too for decorating the house. If there is a new man in her life, then this could be a probable reason for expensive items.

4. Unexplained Expenses:

If you happened to notice any unexplained expenses in your credit card bills, then surely it is one of the signs that unfaithful cheating wives leave.

5. Change in Appearance:

If you see a major change in her appearance, then surely you should doubt her. That may be a change in her hair style, deo, perfume, jewellery, clothing and even inner wear. If she likes to prefer to look young and thin and spends more time at gym than caring for household activities that may also be an unfaithful cheating wife sign.

6. Less Arguments:

Earlier if there was any difference, it would lead to some arguments. But if you notice no arguments, then surely you should think about it whether your wife is really happy with the relationship or finding someone else.

7. Prefer Staying away from home:

If she prefers to stay away from home even if there is no need to go out of house, then you need to notice it.

8. More Computer Usage:

If your spouse is spending more time at computer who never uses it, then it is point to note down. Online chatting with new friends is an unfaithful cheating wife signs.

9. More Time On Phone:

Cheating requires some sort of communication. Moreover, usage of phone is more in unfaithful cheating wives. You can easily observe it with increased phone or cell phone bills.

10. Mileage of Car:

Track the mileage of car and if you notice any extra miles then surely you can confirm that your spouse is going for extra journeys.

Observe all the above signs and note it down. Here’s the best resource on How To Catch An Unfaithful Cheating Wife.

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