DIY How To Cut Hair – Hair Cutting Kit

by Sandy Jones on December 20, 2010

Want to know how to cut hair? Then this article dealing with DIY hair cut is exclusively for you. Before knowing the various techniques, you should be aware of hair cutting kit. You have to get yourself a good hair cutting kit which contains various tools used during hair cutting.

Must Have Tools:

It is important to get hold of one of these kits as they have tools which are specifically designed for hair cutting. For certain haircuts, you cannot try them without these tools. They are designed to make your job easier.

If you are thinking that you will use your home scissors then it is a bad idea. They do not cut your hair properly in the current angle you want and most of the time you don’t get the desired effect. As a beginner you should get hold of these.

A hair cutting kit contains various things like comb sets, blades of various shapes, scissors of various sizes, heat platform, clipper, hair dryer, spray bottle, etc.

Hold the Cutting Scissors and The Comb:

One thing which is very important is to learn how to hold the cutting scissors and the comb. Holding scissors properly is the basic rule. If you do not learn the proper way then your entire hair cut is going to get effected and you will not get the desired look even though you follow all the steps correctly.

If you watch the hairdressers then you will notice that they hold the scissors in a specific manner. It not only helps them to cut properly but cut swiftly. Watch the professionals how they hold it when you visit any salon and try to follow them.

It is never expected that you will learn the exact way of holding scissors in the first go. But with time and practice you will be able to do it. But you always have to keep trying as much as you can and then you yourself will be able to see the difference.

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DIY How To Cut Hair

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