How To Cut Hair Like A Professional – Step By Step Hair Cut Instructions

by Sandy Jones on November 25, 2009

Are you looking for how to cut hair for yourself like a professional, then you are at the right place. To cut hair like professionals, you will be required to follow some steps initially. These steps help you to understand the basic procedure and pick up the skills required.

Directions Clearly Laid Out:

Directions for each cut should be laid out properly. Step by step directions have to be present so that you are able to understand which step to follow after you finish one and do not get stuck in the middle.

Extra Instructions:

Sometimes you need extra notes and instructions to understand a step. Suppose a cut requires hair to be cut keeping in mind various elevations and angles. All those should be mentioned properly so that you proceed in the right direction.

Pictures, Videos and DVD:

You can take help of pictures, videos and DVDs to understand the steps involved. While you can watch the video tutorials beforehand to get a visual idea, you can keep pictures with you when you are cutting hair. These pictures serve as reference whenever you get stuck or think what to do next. You can also compare the results at each step with the pictures to find out if you are cutting the hair correctly.

Basic Hair Cuts:

You need to know five basic hair cuts. All major hair cut styles are based on certain basic cutting style. If you know the five basic hair cutting styles, you will be able to pick up the other cuts very easily. The five basic hair cuts can be termed as the base of any hair style and you need to know them if you want to cut hair like a professional.

Instructions have to be followed very carefully in the beginning. The more you follow these instructions you get better day by day. Once you get used to the process then you will be able to follow the instructions quite easily. Read more at How To Cut Hair For Beginners and cut hair like a professional.

Free Hair Cutting Instructions

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