How Do I Get Rid Of The Trojan Horse Virus – Trojan Horse Removal

by Markov on April 4, 2010

How do I get rid of the Trojan horse virus?” – This is the most frequent query posted on many online security forums and discussion boards. Is the Trojan horse removal really necessary for a PC?

Before discussing on how to get rid of the Trojan horse virus let us know what exactly Trojan horse virus is! It is a malicious software program that infects your PC. It is known to be named after Greek legend Trojan Horse.

As the name itself suggests, Trojan Horse Virus enters the PC as a harmless software but later on makes route to other malicious programs such as spyware, keyloggers etc that steal your personal information and attack your PC.

Trojan Horse Removal – Step Wise

The next question comes – how do I get rid of the Trojan horse virus? The simple method for Trojan horse removal is to prevent its entry in to your PC. This can be done by implementing these easy to follow tips:

1. Download ANTI VIRUS SOFTWARE. Keep it up-to-date so that it can provide a real time protection against all malicious programs including Trojan horse viruses.

2. Keep the PC’s registry clean and error free. This can be achieved my downloading and scanning your Windows Registry with the best REGISTRY CLEANER software.

3. Always use a licensed version of Windows operating system. Microsoft regularly releases updates on security and thus it helps you to get rid of Trojan horse virus without affecting your computer.

4. Stay away from P2P file sharing networks. If you are using them then you need to take extra care while downloading such stuff. Make sure that you run a real time anti virus and ANTI SPYWARE software that protects your PC against all sorts of malicious programs round the clock.

5. Avoid free web browser toolbars and screensavers. Never use FREE software programs. It might be SWEET to hear FREE but do remember that these programs never provide a real time online protection.

All you need to have is a comprehensive protection against all the online threats. An INTERNET SECURITY SOFTWARE suite from the premium companies like Kaspersky, Bitdefender, Norton etc will be a good tool for Trojan horse removal.

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