How To Get Rid Of Viruses, Phishing And Email Scams?

by Markov on February 24, 2009

Using PC is a must in this digital world. So every PC user wants to get rid of viruses, phishing and email scams. Though Windows XP Services Pack 2 and Vista operating systems has done a great a job in giving a safe computing, Viruses, phishing and email scams are hitting PC to a greater extent.

The only solution to viruses, phishing and email scams is proper knowledge. You need to be little more tech savvy and practice safe computing. Here are some important guidelines that help you to be safe and secure while using a PC or laptop:

Use Anti Virus Software:

Every PC should have a quality anti virus software. It is more appreciable if you run a paid one such as BitDefender Or Kaspersky Anti Virus. Compared to the totally free antivirus applications, it does an excellent job giving real time protection. The anti virus definitions are constantly updated without your intervention.

Run Anti Spyware Software:

Some PC users are of the opinion that antivirus is the only software meant for PC security. But in reality, Anti Spyware software does a good job by safeguarding your privacy. It controls the spyware, adware and other malicious programs from entering your PC.

Scan Your Emails:

Many malware items get transmitted via email, so you should make it compulsory that you use your email scanner. Almost all the webmail services provide a basic email scan option.

Prevent Phishing:

Phishing has become a regular exercise with emails. So you need to be very careful and check the legitimacy of the email. A good Internet Security Software like Norton or Kaspersky will provide all that needed to counter the phishing attacks.

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