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by Markov on August 18, 2011

The latest version of Mozilla Firefox is truly amazing. Within a short duration of 2 months, Mozilla has come up with the latest version 6.0. Though there may be many reasons for its upgrade, personally I feel it has 4 reasons under its belt.

The prominent ones are as below:

1. Advanced Security

To be frank, Mozilla Firefox is the most advanced security browser available on the net. In the latest version, Firefox is again filled with security features like customized security settings, content security policy, parental controls, automated secure updates, instant website ID, anti malware, anti phishing, out dated plugin detection etc.

2. Super Speed

Amazing start-up time improved the page load of website in an unbelievable manner. The java script loading is far better than that its predecessors. The developers can now concentrate on 3D graphics for high visual effect.

3. Domain Highlight

Instant website ID is a feature meant for showing the instant identity in the address bar. By virtue of this, you can know the authority and legacy of the site without getting into fake signups. If you are suspicious about nature of the site, then you can immediately avoid it and proceed further. The highlighting of the domain is an old feature stated by Microsoft through its Internet Explorer 8 version.

4. Small Changes

such as …

a. Home button is moved to the extreme right of the search.
b. Drag and drop feature makes panorama more aesthetic and fun to organize.
c. Page Source is incorporated in web developer menu of Tools.
d. Scratchpad, web console, Page Source, Error console and other web developer items are moved to web development menu.

Above all, Mozilla firefox v6.0 is FREE browser with no stings attached. On contrary, Internet explorer 9 is a paid version as it is meant for only for the latest windows operating system. For this reason, I’m struck at IE8 on my Windows XP SP2 operating system desktop. No such issues with Mozilla Firefox.

Personally, I don’t think a PC user needs more reasons to download latest version of Mozilla Firefox 6.0. No complicated steps to update the browser. Just click Help -> About Firefox -> Update version or visit the official website.

mozilla firefox 6 download

Or simply visit Mozilla Firefox Site and download the latest version of Mozilla Firefox v6.0

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