Buy Domain Name – Tips To Consider Before Domain Name Registration

by Larry Young on July 25, 2010

Before we buy a domain name, we need to know what we are looking for. Here are the important tips to consider before you start Domain Name Registration. Your domain name should:

1. Be Minimum Of 6 Months Age:

A minimum 6 months aged domain will prevent your site from going into sandbox. If you are not familiar with sandbox, it is a penalty given by the search engines to control SPAM on the net.

2. Be Keyword Rich:

It is always advisable to have keyword in the domain name. This will give advantage for new domains so as to compete with established domains. Moreover, keep the domain name as short as possible. In simple words, it should be short and brandable. It is no good getting, for the sport site. You need the word sport or related keyword in the domain name title. As said the domain name need to be short but pronounceable or brandable.

3. Indexed in Google:

Before buying a domain name, you should make sure that any domain you buy is not Search Engine Friendly, banned, blacklisted, or sandboxed by Google. To do this, all you need to check is whether it is show up in the listings or not. Make sure that the domain name is indexed in Google. To test this, simply go to Google search engine and enter the search term below


As long as you see results for the domain name you are looking to buy, you know the domain is indexed.

Apart from considering the above aspects while domain name registration, you need to make sure that it follows other attributes too:

1. PageRank:

Page Rank is nothing but Google’s ranking score given to each web page. It ranges from 0 to 10 (the higher the better). Ideally you need atleast a page rank 3 domain to MAKE MONEY ONLINE from websites. But starting off with a few page rank 1 and 2’s is still a great way to earn while you are learning ropes. If you are buying a domain name with page rank, then you will want to make sure that the page rank is valid. Don’t get into fake page rank.

2. Traffic:

Traffic is always excellent. Best of all, traffic for a new domain is always an extra advantage. It will be a good sign for establishing an online business.

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